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An overview on Chinese Herbal Medicine

by Roland Ryf Site Admin

An overview on Chinese Herbal Medicine

Our body performs a number of functions to help us perform necessary and daily functions. From the moment we wake up to when we sleep, and even while we are sleeping, the body continues to function. Any kind of pain, allergy, disease or health issue can completely disrupt normal life and create chaos to daily routines. It is extremely important to take good care of our body, just like it take cares of our needs!

Medication is sometimes necessary to help the body get back to its normal functions. Often these medications are too strong and may cause certain side effects, adding to our problems. A fantastic alternative is herbal medication as it does not have any side effects, and rather than just minimizing the present issue, it aids in overall improvement of health and bodily functions. Herbal remedies have been in use for centuries and to date they are being used and practiced by many health practitioners across the globe, including here at the Natural Healthcare Center in Thousand Oaks, CA. One of the most effective and oldest form of herbal medication is Chinese herbal Medicine.

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

The Chinese herbal medicine dates back to the 3rd century BC. It is based on the theory and concepts of Yin and Yang and works towards creating a fundamental balance between the two. Chinese herbal medicine works towards altering lifestyles and lifestyle management to prevent the occurrence of a disease. It does not only concern with diseases but aims at overall well being and happiness, considering the two important aspects of health. This form of medication includes herbal therapy, dietary therapy, breathing related exercises and acupuncture. The effectiveness and the approach has been in use for centuries in the East and has now become increasingly popular in the West too. It includes a number of oriental traditions that emerge from Southeast Asia and have their roots in China.

Many hospitals in China rely upon Chinese herbal medicine, along with western medical practices to help a person gain good health. It is an accepted and highly effective medicinal practice that relies upon a number of herbs and natural substances. In fact, numerous modern day drugs have been developed from these herbs.

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How is Chinese Herbal Medicine it used?

Originally, herb therapies used two methods of application- a strong tea decoction or honey bound pills. Today, both these methods though still prevalent are not very popular for the time they take to prepare, the pungent smell they produce and the difficulty of obtaining the right mix. To cater to the present day needs, Chinese herbal medicine can now be procured and consumed either in a powder form or in the form of easy to swallow capsules. The tablets consist of powdered herbs or dried extracts. Compared to the normal amount of drugs one takes, Chinese herbal medicine needs to be taken in rather larger quantities. Since the practice relies on herbs and natural extracts, specific formulations can also be made to cater to individual needs.

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An Alternative Treatment

Chinese herbal medicine has proven to be safe and effective to treat some major medical scenarios. Being a completely natural and herbal form of medication, it has no side effects and also aims at improving the overall health. These basic factors make it a legitimate alternative for the treatment of certain medical scenarios.

Acupuncture has the potential to offer immense positive results when performed by an experienced person and can greatly help minimize the effects of several diseases and health issues. Similarly, Tai chi and qi gong are the mind and body exercise practices that have proven to be beneficial for overall health and vitality.

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There are several forms of Chinese herbal medicine; each with its unique advantages and benefits. One or several forms of treatment may be used to help a person get back to good health. When it comes to our health one cannot rely on trial and error method and self induced treatments must be avoided. An experienced medical practitioner must always be consulted before going for any form of treatment. Unless a thorough check and diagnosis is not conducted, the best form of treatment cannot be suggested. Also, many people go for Chinese herbal medicine without understanding the exact needs of the body, this can result in adverse effects and may cause greater harm to the health and body.

Herbal Treatments In a Nutshell

Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient practice and has helped a large number of people, across the globe, regain good health and vitality. It is safe and effective and must be administered by an experienced medical practitioner. The principles upon which Chinese herbal medicine lies are very different from that of traditional western notions of illness and treatment. Herbs have a powerful effect on the body and must be treated and consumed with the same caution as other common drugs.